Falcon by Oneprod, Vibration Analyzer and Bearing Detector with Wireless Triaxial Vibration Sensor

Falcon by Oneprod, Vibration Analyzer, Balancer 1 Plan and 2 Plan

Bearing Defender by Oneprod, Vibration Analyzer with Wireless Triaxial Vibration Sensor and Bearing Detector

Eagle by Oneprod, Vibration Analyzer with Multi Wireless Triaxial Vibration , Bearing Detector Sensor and Temperature Sensor

NEST is a PM software suite helping to know if maintenance actions need to be scheduled through the monitoring of rotating assets health.

Laser Shaft Alignment, Fast, Accurate, Valueable and Easy to Operated

FFT, Time Waveform, Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, 
ISO 10816, 8 hours of operation, 
IR thermometer, Stethoscope, LED Stroboscope

Lubri measures actual bearing vibration once the sensors is mounted on the bearing house. Keep pumping the grease and see the vibration value going down. Extend your bearings lifetime as simply as this!

The SpectrOil 100 Rotating Disc Electrode Optical Emission Spectrometer (RDE-OES) is the eighth generation of the market leading RDE elemental spectrometer.

The FluidScan provides beneficial information on fluid degradation that can be used in maintenance recommendations based on oil analysis. 

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and Reliability programs complements, In the time it takes external laboratories to return oil sample results, machinery condition can change significantly.

Jasa Balancing :
Jasa Balancing WorkShop
Jasa balancing Blower
Jasa Balancing Fan
Jasa Balancing Cooling Tower
Jasa Balancing On-Site/In Situ
Jasa Balancing Generator
Jasa Balancing Turbin
Jasa Balancing Pulley
Jasa Balancing Vertical
Jasa Balancing Basket
Jasa Laser Shaft Alignment
Jasa Bore Alignment
Jasa Straightness
Jasa Flatness
Jasa Thermography
Jasa Analisa Vibrasi
Jasa Training dan Sertifikasi

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