Jasa Laser Alignment

Alignment is the process of aligning shafts that experience misalignment between one shaft and another until it meets the standard operational tolerance limits. A good and accurate alignment process is very important so that a machine or tool can operate properly without any problems. Laser Alignment method can speed up the alignment process compared to conventional alignment methods.

PT Putranata Adi Mandiri provides Laser Alignment services for all industries in Indonesia to ensure the condition of the shaft is symmetrical.


Misalignment itself is a condition in the axle-clutch system when the two axes of the connected shafts are not in the same axis line. Misalignment is the main cause of vibration apart from unbalance. Misalignment can occur in bearings or in interconnected components such as couplings. 

Misalignment is divided into two types, namely parallel and angular misalignment, but in most cases it is a combination of the two.

Alignment Process

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