Basic Vibration Analysis

Predictive Maintenance using Vibration Monitoring is very important. Predictive Maintenance (condition-based maintenance) is the most efficient method in carrying out Preventive maintenance. In this method, there is no need for a long-term inspection plan so its application feels very practical. Scheduling is only made for condition monitoring purposes only.

Monitoring techniques can be carried out in various ways, ranging from the simplest using the five senses to those involving supporting instruments as we can find in monitoring that utilizes machine/tool vibration. Utilization of vibration of course requires an understanding of the parameters of the vibration itself such as frequency, speed, amplitude, and so on. However, this method is considered the most effective so it is widely used in industry. The advantage of this method is that besides being able to show changes in the condition of the machine/tool through a vibration pattern, it is also able to show which component of the machine/tool is damaged.

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