EAGLE – Wireless monitoring system


Wireless monitoring system

EAGLE is a wireless monitoring system for critical rotating machinery. It measures automatically vibration in three directions as well as the bearing temperature. Its measurement performances make of EAGLE the best wireless diagnostic solution available on the vibration analysis market.

Key Point


Innovative Wireless Measurement

4 sensors in one wireless unit

  • 3 vibration axes
  • Bearing Temperature

Monitoring of alarms

Short periodicity for monitoring vibration velocity, acceleration and temperature

Storage of raw data at a larger periodicity and on any alarm occurrence

Optimization of battery lifetime

Harsh environments

EAGLE solution has been designed to meet the industry requirements. Both the EAGLE sensor and the Expander are certified for use in explosive area Zone 0 (Class I, Div I). The stainless steel body with very low thermal expansion makes it safe to use even in the harshest settings. IP67, EAGLE is also resistant against corrosive environments. Wireless and automatic, EAGLE eliminates the need for cables and manual inspections where conditions are not conducive for such operations.

Managing machines with variable conditions

Acoem has invested all its experience in condition monitoring in EAGLE, enabling the wireless monitoring of the most complex machines. The operating conditions (speed, power, pressure, or other process data) of the machines are taken into account and transmitted automatically. Diagnostics are even more pertinent and analyses more effective:


  • measurements can be easily translated into trends and compared over time for each operating condition
  • no false alarms: thresholds are adjusted for each operating condition, providing accurate fault detection capabilities on complex machinery

Temporary monitoring

Depending on the condition monitoring strategy, many machines may be monitored using portable data collection, where vibration measurements are performed manually at scheduled intervals (e.g. every month). EAGLE is easy to install, and also easy to move: once a fault is identified on a critical machine, it is now possible to move EAGLE sensors to monitor the machine condition with much shorter intervals (e.g. every hour), to avoid any unexpected failure, improve the overall availability of the process, and schedule maintenance operation only if that’s really necessary.

Monitoring of critical machinery

Monitoring of critical machinery EAGLE is the wireless system offering the best performance on the vibration analysis market. Its measurements quality makes it suitable for monitoring any rotating machine, from 100 rpm upwards. EAGLE is not just a transducer. This smart wireless unit embeds signal processing: Advanced indicators, as well as envelope FFT are calculated locally, thus enabling measurements to be recorded if a vibration or bearing temperature alarm occurs. The data storage frequency is adjusted automatically according to the machine condition. Data is available for detailed analysis using NEST predictive maintenance platform, providing unique tools such as the Shock Finder™ filter. Maintenance operations can be scheduled before any failure occurs.

Ease of deployment

With EAGLE, you can increase the reliability of factory machines that are inaccessible, mobile or isolated. EAGLE is a wireless sensor that requires absolutely no cables. The gateway can be mounted up to 100m from the sensor, and its range can be extended using the Expander.
Wireless transmission of vibration data to analysis software is achieved with high reliability: Wireless communication is carried out through an intelligent process with fully automatic settings. EAGLE installation is quick and easy.

Ease of maintenance

EAGLE performance is optimized for long term service with a low cost of maintenance: The EAGLE battery offers up to 5 years availability under rated operating conditions of one full diagnostic measurement set per day, and this with no external source of power supply or maintenance operations. For critical machinery, using an optimum monitoring strategy with frequent alarm monitoring and storage of high quality data (Overals, Time waveform, FFT, envelope), EAGLE still offers a 2-year lifetime. Moreover, the inexpensive standard battery is interchangeable on-site by the end user, making its replacement easy to achieve.

LMade for diagnostic

  • Analysis of phenomenon up to 20kHz
  • Dynamic range of +/- 50g
  • One or several time waveforms and FFT per point, including envelope FFT
  • Up 16,384 samples per time waveform (0.3s with Fmax = 20kHz, 0.6s with Fmax = 10kHz…)
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