Bearing Defender app

Bearing health checker

Packing in Acoem’s 50 years of experience in the monitoring of rotating machinery, the patented wireless Bearing Defender gives instantaneous advice on a bearing health. Accessible to all mechanics, it provides a quick leverage of improvement of a reliability program.

Results in 10 seconds

The Bearing Defender only takes 10s to capture, process and display the data resulting from the measurement in the three directions. A full vibration reading of the bearing is displayed in addition to the smart indicators:

  • Vibration velocity with alarms according to the ISO10816-3 standard
  • Full range Acceleration
  • Displacement
  • Bearing Defect Factor™ value
  • High Frequency acceleration value

Smart 3d Indicator

  • Bearing defect indicator
  • Unbalance or Misalignment indicator
  • Miscellaneous fault indicator

Reliable wireless triaxial measurements

Some of the most common faults of rotating machinery, like unbalance or structural resonance can occur in a single direction. To avoid to let a faulty machine unnoticed the Bearing Defender takes tri-axial vibration readings in a single shot, not only to make the measurement process easier but also to keep your machine in good operating condition.
Thanks to its patented wireless measurements and metrological performances, the Bearing Defender makes sure that your machines can keep spinning without risk

Zyxtrum™ Display

  • 3200 lines ZYXtrum™ display, combining the FFT from X, Y and Z directions
  • Easy confirmation of a bearing fault thanks to the automatic display of the bearing frequency markers
  • Built in bearing database of 30.000+ references.
  • Easy communication with vibration experts
  • Real rotation speed adjustment from the ZYXtrum™

50 years of experience built-in

Wireless and compatible with mobile devices, the Bearing Defender also embeds the powerful Bearing Defect Factor™ algorithm. Developed in the 70’s on more than 2000 rolling elements, this technology has brought proven results for the monitoring of bearing faults on common machines in various types of industries worldwide.





Your Mechanics 4.0

The Bearing Defender is compatible with smartphones and tablets on iOS or Android. Using a standard and user friendly display device, it is now possible to integrate vibration measurements in your maintenance 4.0 program and take the best out of your people in the field.

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